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Build Your Own Pollinator Habitat!

From Hydro Ottawa

Want to build your own backyard pollinator habitat? Here are some tips from our friends at the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.

  • Consider native plant species in your backyard gardening mix. Your local pollinators will love you for it.

  • Support local nurseries. There are a few in Ottawa and the valley. If we support our local native nurseries, they’ll be able to continue supplying those types of plants for us.

  • Don’t rake up all your leaves. Consider leaving them on your lawn and garden in the fall. Many pollinators use these habitats to protect themselves over the winter.

  • In the spring, resist mowing those dandelions until more spring flowers bloom. Dandelions are one of the first floral resources available to pollinators, and spring is the hardest season for them because there is so little for them to feed on.

  • Add clover to your garden. It’s a great resource for pollinators.

  • Visit the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority websites for webinars and other online guides to help you.


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