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Firefighters contain attached garage fire in Barrhaven

From Ottawa Fire Services

At approximately 11:19 this morning, the Ottawa Fire Communications Division received a 911 call from a home owner who reported a fire in the attached garage of their two storey single family home on Russet Terrace off of Alex Polowin Avenue and River Mist Road. The homeowner told our dispatcher that all the occupants had exited the home. The homeowner also advised that in the garage were two cars, a propane tank and cans of gas. The first Ottawa Fire Services apparatus arrived on scene four minutes after being dispatched and confirmed heavy smoke coming from the double garage. At 11:24, a “working fire” to dispatch additional apparatus to the scene. Firefighters began a fast attack to extinguish the flames in the garage. At 11:29, Firefighters began a search through the home to confirm there were no occupants inside. At 11:38, Firefighters had completed two full searches of the home and confirmed there were no additional occupants inside. At 11:52, the fire was declared under control. Firefighters checked the attic and confirmed there was no extension inside the attic. Fire crews used high pressured fans to ventilate all the residual smoke out of the home. Due to the quick response, combined with the fast attack, Firefighters contained the fire to the attached garage before it could spread to the rest of the home. A fire investigator has been dispatched to the scene to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

Pictures from the scene courtesy of the Ottawa Fire Services:


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