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Forestry Spring Update

Today marks the beginning of our spring tree planting season. Spring is a very busy season for our Forestry Services staff as we also begin our spring stumping operations and continue to update our tree inventory. This email will provide a summary of our operations over the coming months. In addition to these seasonal operations, regular tree maintenance such tree pruning, and tree inspections are still ongoing.





Our nursery started receiving tree stock earlier this month. With our planting list ready, the first trees will go in the ground today. Prior to planting, utility locations will be marked with flags. Every tree we plant increases our tree canopy and contributes greatly to the overall health and well-being of our community.





Stumping has begun and will run into November, weather permitting. Staff grind the stumps to make room for new trees and reduce tripping hazards in high-traffic pedestrian areas. Once the stump is ground down, topsoil and grass seed are applied. 


Tree Inventory


Our tree inventory is a continuous project across the City. We are collecting a wide range of data including tree location, species, and health. An inventory of City-owned trees is an essential tool to manage these valuable assets. It helps us with the protection and enhancement of urban and rural forests, maintaining sustainable forests for generations to come.


Resident Help

Residents can help us during our seasonal operations! As I mentioned earlier, flags are used to mark utility locates. Please don’t move them! We will remove them when they are no longer required. Also remember the flags are used to mark utilities, not WHERE the tree will be planted. These flags are critical for both our planting and stumping operations.


A tree delivered for the Trees in Trust program could arrive up to 3 days before planting occurs. Residents can help the new tree establish itself by watering it when rainfall is less than 25mm a week. We ask residents to maintain this watering schedule for the first three years of the tree’s life.


When stump grinding is completed on the City right of way in front of a home, we ask residents to water the area after we have applied the topsoil and grass seed.


The May long weekend is fast approaching and traditionally marks the beginning of cottage and camping season. That means wood stoves and campfires at night. Please burn firewood in the same local area where it was purchased. Bringing firewood in from other municipalities can greatly contribute to the spread of many different diseases and pests that negatively impact trees and forests.  Oh, and don’t forget to confirm campfires are allowed.


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