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Lights for Lupus

From Lupus Ontario

41 Ontario landmarks Ontario will light up for lupus in purple for Lupus Awareness

Day on May 10, 2023.

Landmarks across the province will join in #LightsForLupus serving to call attention

to the impact that lupus has on people around the world.

Lupus Ontario is joining groups from around the world that have united to lead the

annual Lupus Awareness Day observance on May 10.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself causing

inflammation, pain, and can damage any organ or tissue from the skin or joints to the

heart, kidneys or brain. Currently without a cure, five million people suffer from lupus

globally, of which nine out of ten lupus patients are women, usually diagnosed

between the ages of 15 and 45.

Now in its 20th year, World Lupus Day will focus on the need for heightened public

awareness of lupus, improved patient healthcare services, increased research into

the causes of and desperately needed treatments for lupus, enhanced physician

diagnosis of lupus, and better epidemiological data on lupus globally.

Lupus affects more than just the person with the disease -- it also impacts their

family, friends and work colleagues. Still, it is widely under-recognized as a global

health problem by the public, health professionals, and governments, driving the

need for greater awareness. Early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of lupus is

key helping to slow the debilitating effects of the disease. However, lupus is often

difficult to diagnose because symptoms frequently mimic common illnesses.

Increasing awareness of lupus will save lives.

Lupus Ontario is the largest Canadian provincial organization focused on improving

the lives of lupus patients and their families. Lupus Ontario’s mission is to provide

vital support, education, awareness, advocacy and research through the fundraising

efforts of our staff and volunteer community to help those with lupus live longer,

healthier and better lives.

Please join the international effort to increase public awareness and understanding

of lupus by promoting the annual Lupus Awareness Day observation in your


2023 Lights for Lupus Landmarks:

• Windsor City Hall

• Sarnia City Hall

• City Hall of London

• JA Taylor Building, London

• RBC Place London

• Canada Life Centre, London

• Sifton Properties at 195 Dufferin Avenue, London

• Penman’s Dam, Paris

• Niagara Falls

• Peace Bridge, Fort Erie

• Brock University’s Schmon Tower, St. Catherines

• Brant Street Pier, Burlington

• Hamilton Sign

• Carl Zehr Square, Kitchener

• Market Square, Guelph

• Vaughan City Hall

• Riverwalk Commons, Newmarket

• Fred A. Lundy Bridge, Newmarket

• Brampton Clock Tower

• Mississauga Clock Tower

• Port Credit Lighthouse, Mississauga

• 50 & 60 Absolute World Condos, Mississauga

• CN Tower, Toronto

• Peterborough City Hall

• Bracebridge Falls

• Collingwood Town Hall Clock Tower

• BLUE Sign, Blue Mountain Village, Collingwood

• Belleville Sign

• Bridge Street Bridge, Belleville

• Fire Station Memorial, Belleville

• Kingston City Hall

• Springer Market Square, Kingston

Ottawa Sign

Shaw Centre, Ottawa

• Timmins Sign Transit Station

• Timmins Sign Timmins Museum

• Cochrane Sign

• Sudbury Big Nickel

• Quinte West Sign

• Gateway to the Trent-Servern Waterway Bridg


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