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OC Transpo working on special pass for hybrid workers

From Laura Glowacki · CBC News

OC Transpo is working on a new monthly pass system directed at hybrid workers, the transit agency's boss told the city's transit commission Thursday. (Christian Patry/Radio-Canada)

OC Transpo is developing options for a new monthly pass that will appeal specifically to hybrid workers in an attempt to woo more riders back to public transit, general manager Renée Amilcar said.

During a meeting of the city's transit commission Thursday, Barrhaven West Coun. David Hill asked Amilcar whether a partial subscription pass would be made available to customers who only need to commute part-time now that federal workers are mandated to return to the office for a certain number of days per week.

"If we know for a fact that a number of these public servants are coming back two to three times a week in many cases, for them that decision metric to go to a monthly pass … doesn't exist, and as a result they are going to take the choice to take a car," Hill said.


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