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Property Tax and Water Utility Bill Deferral Program expands eligibility

From the City of Ottawa

Ottawa – Changes to the City of Ottawa’s Property Tax and Water Utility Deferral Program will now allow more low-and-fixed income seniors and disability recipients to qualify. This year’s qualifying income threshold is $48,441, which uses the Consumer Price Index to factor in the current cost of living.

The changes to the program include:

  • Expanding eligibility of low-income seniors from only 65 and over to include those between 60 to 64 who receive an allowance under the Old Age Security Act, and people 55 and older who are on pension or collect from a pension annuity.

  • The requirement for applicants to have their accounts current has been removed

To register for the deferral program for property tax, water utility bill or both, complete the online form at The accessible option is to call 613-580-2400 to contact the City using Canada Video Relay Service. The service uses the internet and mobile phone technology to connect the caller with real-time sign language interpretation.

You can register anytime before December 31. For renewals, you must apply by September 30.

For property tax deferrals, a five per cent annual interest will be applied to your Property Tax amount. A five per cent annual interest also applies to the deferred water utility amount and it will also be applied to your property tax bill.

Visit learn more about the Property Tax and Water Utility Deferral Program.


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