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From SaltFree Canada

Rise to the Challenge!

The community of Ottawa and area residents, professional chefs, restaurants and catering services are challenged to participate and celebrate Salt-Free Awareness Week Ottawa!

This week of awareness is in support of chronic illnesses that require salt-free diets to maintain wellness. The chronic illnesses that require a very low sodium/salt restricted diet are kidney disease, heart disease and strokes, hypertension, and including diabetes. Unfortunately, the amount of salt we normally consume daily may lead us to one of several illnesses noted. For more information on the amount of salt Canadians consume on a daily basis, check out this helpful fact sheet from the Government of Canada.

This year’s Salt-Free Awareness Week takes place March 14th to 20th, 2023!

How to Participate

  1. Create salt-free recipes in your home, or your restaurants and experience flavouring and eating by putting away the salt. Find different ways to flavour salt-free! Need help finding recipe ideas? Check out our Salt-Free Cookbook!

  2. Take a photo of your creative salt-free recipes or food choices and post on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with the hashtag #saltfreechallenge.

  3. Challenge your family and friends, your co-workers or colleagues to join you on this challenge using social media during the week to participate in the salt-free challenge!

  4. Take the week to share or learn why too much salt is harmful for us. Get started with this helpful fact sheet from the Government of Canada.

  5. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments! This isn’t an easy challenge, but it is one that many Canadians face on a daily basis and we thank you for helping raise awareness!


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