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Tools 4 School


One of the vital programs we offer is Tools 4 School, which provides free backpacks and school supplies to children and youth from low-income families.

Since 2008, in partnership with Caring and Sharing Ottawa’s Sharing in Student Success program, NROCRC has been coordinating the Tools 4 School program. We register families in need in our community, and Caring and Sharing Ottawa generously provides a backpack and grade-appropriate supplies for children from kindergarten to grade 9. For older students, NROCRC provides youth in grades 10-12 with a backpack and a Staples gift card to support their return to school.

This year, we are facing an urgent need to provide approximately 100 backpacks for our youth in grades 10-12.

Your support is crucial in helping us meet this demand.

You can make a difference by either making a monetary donation or purchasing a new backpack. If you choose to donate a backpack, please keep the following in mind:

1. A typical grade 10-12 backpack will cost between $40-$50.

2. A Staples gift card is $20 which is added to the bag. NROCRC purchases these cards with a monetary donation

from you.

3. The backpack must be neutral in color.

To donate a new backpack, you can drop it off at our office located at 1547 Merivale Road, Unit 240, or contact me directly via email ( or phone (613-596-5626 ext. 246) to arrange a pickup. If you prefer to make a monetary donation, please visit our website,, and click on the "Donate Now" button on our homepage. You will be redirected to a secure donation page where you can select the “Tools 4 School” option from the drop-down bar.

Many families struggle to cover the cost of school supplies for their children, and your generosity will ensure that the youth in our community will return to school well-equipped and ready to learn.


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