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Updates from Ottawa Public Health (2024)

From Ottawa Public Health

Ottawa Public Health Update - Stop Overdose Ottawa Alert (July 2024)

Stop Overdose Ottawa Alert System

Ottawa Public Health and Ottawa’s Overdose Prevention and Response Task Force continue to advance Ottawa's Overdose Response Strategy. Members of the public can now register to receive email alerts from the Stop Overdose Ottawa Alert System. You can sign up by visiting and simply clicking the “Subscribe to Drug Alerts” button at the bottom right corner of the page and fill out the form. A confirmation email will be sent to ensure any future alerts sent out through the new system are received. 

Stop Overdose Ottawa Alerts are issued when Ottawa’s Overdose Prevention and Response Task Force becomes aware of issues related to toxic drugs circulating in the community. Examples include: 

  • Increased risk of overdose 

  • New drug toxicity risk, contaminates, etc. 

  • Other new or noteworthy drug trends presenting in the local unregulated drug supply 

West Nile Virus & Lyme Disease (Summer 2024)

Respiratory Virus Season (Winter 2024)


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