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Youth Services Bureau Fundraiser Walk

Updated: May 10, 2023

From ORT4MentalHealth

April 2023

We are coming closer to being "On The Road 4 Mental Health" to raise awareness to the growing mental health and addictions crisis that our city, our province and our country is facing. We are no longer counting down in months but rather days. In less than 46 days, Aaron and I begin our 24 hour, 100km walk touching on each of your wards. Our walk will end on Saturday, June 3 at Ottawa City Hall where we will host speakers starting with Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, followed by representatives from Youth Services Bureau, Moms Stop The Harm and others to be confirmed. Not only is this a campaign to raise awareness but a fundraiser to benefit Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa to help provide for the increasing demand for services in our city.

Did you know that in the first 3 months of 2023, in the City of Ottawa, there were 245 opioid overdose emergency room visits? That's more than a 32% increase to the first 3 months of 2022! This is the highest number recorded for the first 3 months of any year! On average, one person dies every three days to overdose in the City of Ottawa!

February 2023

Just as no ward has been untouched by the mental health crisis, just as no ward is immune from addictions, we will be touching upon every ward in the City of Ottawa during our 104+ km walk over 24 hours. We will be starting in Stittsville on Friday, June 2 at noon and ending up at Ottawa City Hall on Saturday, June 3 at noon. We are inviting others to join us for portions of our walk and to join us at the end at City Hall to remember those who we have lost and to celebrate those who have won their battle.

The fundraiser will once again benefit the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa and our goal has been set at $50,000.


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