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Introducing Ward 3, Barrhaven-West

Ward 3 has taken a few different shapes over the years - as recently as 2018 it encompassed what is now Ward 24 (Barrhaven-East). As our community has grown, the boundaries have shifted, but the heart, dedication, and identity of the community remains the same!

Ward 3 is home to approximately 48,000 residents, residing in Old-Barrhaven, Cedar Hill, Half-Moon Bay, Quinns Pointe, Stonebridge, Havencrest, and many more incredible and unique communities!

Landmarks of Barrhaven-West

Just some of many!


The Jock River

An offshoot of the Rideau River, the 'Mighty Jock' runs right through the heart of Barrhaven and provides wonderful integration of nature in Barrhaven.


Old Jockvale Public School

Although Barrhaven has been rapidly expanding recently, there is some notable history that adds layers of depth and character to our community. You can read our feature in the Barrhaven Independant.


The Stonebridge Trail

Running adjacent to the Jock river, this hidden gem stretches for kilometers and is relatively remote, providing a relaxing and refreshing getaway.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with our community to make it a better place!

Join a Community Association

Help out a local charity

Take Action

2-1-1 is here to help

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