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The City of Ottawa

potholes, blocked drains, garbage collection, parking...

collection calendar, waste explorer, get a green, blue and/or black bin..

an interactive map tool that allows you to view map layers, get information and answers about the locations in the City of Ottawa.

cat and dog registration, spay/neuter clinic, wildlife problems…

pay your ticket, road and sidewalk maintenance, parking permits…

planned construction projects, maps, background, construction and infrastructure projects, road renewal…

Complaints are compiled in a database that is used by analysts to assist in strategic enforcement

flu clinics, immunization records, food handler course…

designed to give residents greater access to development applications that have been submitted to the City of Ottawa.

Weigh in on the projects and initiatives that you care about and stay informed on city-wide projects!

Stay informed with the latest from the City of Ottawa on all municipal-related matters!

Your destination for OC Transpo stories and explainers.

Your Guide to OC Transpo


Other useful contact points

Zoning Questions or Permits for Home Renovations: 

Development Information Officers can help. Get in touch with them at 613.580.2424 ext. 23434 or 

Conservation Authorities 

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority 

Other Levels of Gove

Government of Ontario:

MPP Lisa MacLeod - or telephone 613.823.2116 

Jurisdiction includes Schools, Education, Healthcare, Long Term Care, Drivers License, Health Card, Road Regulations etc.


Government of Canada:

MP Chandra Arya - or telephone 613.825.5505 

Jurisdiction includes Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Federal Income Tax, Citizenship, Immigration and Visas etc 

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