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Celebrating the New Year, Ottawa Community Prays for Peace and Prosperity (慶新年 渥太華社區祈願和平與繁榮)

Updated: Jan 12


(Click to view video on NTD TV)

New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, January 5, 2024] Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. In multicultural Canada, rich festival activities bring people of multiple ethnic groups together. Let’s take a look at what Ottawa communities are doing to celebrate the new year.

David Hill, City Councilor of Ottawa, Canada: "I sincerely wish our community a happy and prosperous new year. I know this is the Year of the Dragon. So I hope to see some personalized power in the community and government to do Do the right things to make our communities safer and more prosperous."

In the "Big Family Celebrating New Year" event at the Walter Baker Sport Center in Ottawa, traditional sports such as skating and swimming are still long-lasting options.

Middle school student Robbie Sterling: "I want to swim with my friends. I hope I can bring this happiness into 2024!"

In addition, family parties, artistic face painting, fairy tale movie character costumes, delicious food, etc. attract adults and children to share the joy and prayers of the New Year!

Fairy tale movie character: "Happy New Year! We hope everyone has a magical New Year 2024!"

A Chinese immigrant couple in Ottawa, Canada: "In the West, just like us Chinese, they are full of expectations and yearning for the New Year. After we came to Canada, we felt that this country is actually very tolerant because there are people from all over the world. Including us Chinese. Happy New Year to all Chinese friends around the world! Good health! Peace and health!"

NTDTV reporter Anne reports in Ottawa, Canada




加拿大渥太華市議員大衛·希爾(David Hill):「衷心祝福我們的社區新年快樂、繁榮昌盛。我知道今年是龍年。 因此希望在社區和政府中能看到一些個性化的力量,做出正確的事情,使我們的社區更加安全、更加繁榮。」

渥太華市沃爾特貝克體育中心(Walter Baker Sport Center) 「大家庭慶新年」活動中,溜冰、游泳等傳統體育運動,依然是經久不衰的選項。

中學生羅比·斯特林 (Robbie Sterling):「我想和朋友一起游泳,希望能把這份快樂帶入2024年! 」


童話電影人物 :「新年快樂! 我們希望大家都能擁有一個神奇的2024新年! 」




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