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Meet the Fleet at the Public Works Big Wheels Expo!

The City’s public works vehicles are a common sight on city streets. Together, these machines help us protect the City’s infrastructure assets as well as our precious green spaces.

Last year, residents got the chance to see these machines up close at the first annual Public Works Big Wheels Expo. The event was attended by approximately 2000 people and was a big hit with the kiddos. We are thrilled to announce that the event will be back for the second year running, and is a great opportunity for people to take a look inside these machines and learn about how they work.

Come down to the Ottawa Stadium on Sunday, June 2 between 9:30 am and 2 pm to enjoy this free event. Some of the vehicles that will be on site include a garbage truck, rock truck, road painting truck, traffic signal display, sidewalk sweeper, snow plow, log truck, and much more. Please note that the event will open at 9 am for a 30-minute period to offer a sensory-friendly time for those who benefit from lighter crowds.

For those wishing to stay after the event to watch some baseball, there will be an Ottawa Titans game starting at 1 pm. From noon onwards, 100 people will receive free tickets to attend the game.

Date: Sunday, June 2

Time: 9:30 am to 2 pm

Location: Ottawa Stadium, 300 Coventry Road

Cost: FREE

Bike parking is available and the event can be accessed via transit. To determine the best public transit route for you, please consult the OC Transpo Travel Planner.(link is external) Parking is also available at Ottawa Stadium for $8 on the app or in person. Cash is not accepted.

Consider a career in Public Works!

This event is also a wonderful opportunity for anyone considering a career in public works to ask questions and learn more. Our highly skilled and specialized public works professionals are responsible for:

  • Maintaining, operating, building, and renewing infrastructure,

  • Improving and protecting our City’s traffic and transportation, water supply, water and solid waste systems,

  • As well as our fleet, public buildings, natural assets, parks, and other structures and facilities.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get involved, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Come have a chat and check out the sidewalk machine and mower, which are the starter pieces of equipment that can lead you all the way to operating a plow or bucket truck.


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