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News from Ruth. E. Dickinson - March 1, 2024

From OPL, Ruth. E. Dickinson


FREE THIS WEEK AT RUTH E. DICKINSON (and every other week.) 😁 


Your library card cost 0$ and includes: 



Audiobooks (in multiple languages) 

Books and Ebooks (multiple languages) 

Newspapers and Epapers (in multiple languages) 

New York Times 

Le Droit 💚 

Magazines and Emagazines (in multiple languages) 

Comsumer Report 



Museum passes 

Ski Passes 

Printing, copying and scanning ($) 

Electric keyboard 


CO2 monitors 

Thermal cameras 

Video games 

DVDs (in multiple languages) 

Streaming services 

Ontario Park passes 

Music CDs 





Language learning tools 

Job and career online tools 

Genealogy and research tools 

Reading recommendations 

Ottawa University Library (SmartLibraryCard) 

Carleton University Library (SmartLibraryCard) 

Canadian Museum of War Library (SmartLibraryCard) 

Aviation Museums Library (SmartLibraryCard) 

Museum of History Library (SmartLibraryCard) 

Museum of Nature Library (SmartLibraryCard) 




Visit the Library website for our hours of operation, to access online resources, browse books, search programs and events, and register for a card with us!


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