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News from Ruth E. Dickinson: your local library branch

Updated: 2 days ago

From Ruth E. Dickinson, Ottawa Public Library

Visit the Library website for our hours of operation, to access online resources, browse books, search programs and events, and more!

June 14, 2024


Upcoming Events Include: 

  • Library Wifi.  Always free.  

  • Playgroups 

  • Senior's Social 

  • Crochet Groups 

  • Puzzle Exchange 

  • Sensory Storytime 

  • Teen Art Nights 


Ruth E. Dickinson Staff Summer Reading Picks 2024  




Join eleven-year-old Alex Petroski and his dog, Carl Sagan, as they go on an adventure across the US and meet some characters along the way! The novel is moving and funny. 

- Recommended by Librarian S. 



Stand in the Wind  - Jean Little (Canadian author!)  

A great summer read by one of my favourite childhood authors! A story about getting over disappointments and making new friends which takes place in a quintessential Ontario cottage setting.   

- Recommended by Librarian C. 



Spin by Rebecca Caprara 

If a Goddess challenged you to a contest where your life was on the line, what would you do? Follow sixteen-year-old Arachne, who is disfigured and ostracized from society. She has the ability to weave gorgeous tapestries unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Her great talent, catch the eyes of the Goddess Athena, who is jealous of Arachne's talent and confidence. How will Arachne deal with this threat, and will she remain true to herself? For lovers of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and all things Greek Mythology,  

- Recommended by Librarian K. 


Real Friends by Shannon Hale 

Tweens may enjoy this graphic novel based on the author's childhood memories. Important topics are conveyed in approachable style. It will help children navigate their first friendships, find out what it means to stay true to yourself when facing peer pressure, and how to stop bullying cycle. 

- Recommended by Children's Programmer A. 



Non-Fiction Titles 

The Feather Thief by Kirk Johnson 

In this work of adult non-fiction learn what connects the British Museum of Natural History and the Victorian art of salmon fly-tying? This true story proves that sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction. 

- Recommended by Adult Programmer S. 


Good Morning, Monster by Catherine Gildiner 


If you think your life is bad, read this! This book focuses on five brave men and women who overcame enormous trauma with the help of their psychologist, the author.  In her view, these heroes should be celebrated.  

- Recommended by Customer Service Assistant S. 



Le cercle de pierres  

Des cercles de pierres.  Des vicitimes en feu. La vengeance en marche. Les pages de ce livre tournent toutes seules!  

- Recommandé par l'adjointe aux services pour adultes S. 


Visit the Library website for our hours of operation, to access online resources, browse books, and more!  


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