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O-Train Line 1 Annual Proactive Track and Maintenance Work and Service Adjustments

Updated: May 31, 2023

From The City of Ottawa, Transit Services Department

The Rideau Transit Group will be performing work on O-Train Line 1 at varying times for two weeks, from Monday, June 5 until Monday, June 19. Train service will continue to be delivered, but R1 bus service will be required in some sections.

All light rail systems require regular maintenance to ensure their long-term sustainability and

reliability. This year’s maintenance work includes the following activities:

• Work to address water infiltration in the tunnel, east of Rideau Station

• Annual rail grinding across the entire line to reduce noise and vibration

• Overhead Catenary System, switch and track related maintenance and inspections

• The removal of vegetation within the guideway

• General maintenance and cleaning activities including the cleaning of glass and artwork,

paint removal at specific locations in downtown tunnel stations, concrete, and tile repairs

During the work, O-Train Line 1 service will continue, but R1 bus service will operate in some

sections of the line at specific times. The schedule below provides a full outline of service during

this period.

Where possible, maintenance will occur during the evening hours to minimize impacts to

customer travel. There are eight days, however, where R1 bus service will operate on a portion

of the line for the full day.

During this time:

• R1 replacement bus service will run frequently to meet ridership requirements

• Outreach staff will be located at key O-Train Line 1 stations to assist customers

• Signage will be posted in advance across the system to notify customers of the service

changes and to direct customers to R1 bus stops

Regular O-Train Line 1 operations will resume on Tuesday, June 20.

Customers can visit for travel planning assistance or call 613-560-5000. Schedules are available by calling 613-560-1000 or texting 560560 plus the bus stop number.


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