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Beat The Heat!

From Ottawa Public Health

Beat the Heat v2023.1 EN
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When the temperature and humidity are high, our bodies can overheat, especially in the first few days of hot weather while our bodies adjust. Here are some ways to stay cool even if you don’t have air conditioning. Before you head out, check the linked websites for opening dates, locations, fees, and hours of service!

Below are some tips, and you can use OPH's updated interactive map to find places to beat the heat!

1. Cool off with water 

2. Cool off in the shade 

3. Cool off in an air-conditioned space 

4. Cool off with a fan  

5. Prepare for a heat wave by planning ahead 

Additional information

Contact Points

  • Call 3-1-1 to get assistance for a shelter or for someone who needs transportation to get out of the heat. 

  • Call 8-1-1 Health Connect Ontario for non-emergency medical advice.

  • Call 9-1-1 for medical emergency assistance such as heat stroke.


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