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Ottawa at the Canada Winter Games

From the Ward-3 Office

Ottawa is represented by many extremely talented athletes in the Canada Winter Games, including some Barrhaven youth (Iman Shaheen, Mackenzie Clarke, and James Budrow, to name a few)! Congratulations to all the competitors- your future is bright! To help you stay on top of the accomplishments of these Ottawa athletes, a local news publication company is providing daily updates. You can find the latest from Ottawa Sports Pages here!

Iman Shaheen

A huge congratulations to Iman Shaheen, a former John McCrae student, for bringing home Ottawa's first medal. You represented our City and community well! Best of luck in your future athletic endeavors!

James Budrow

The first time James Budrow went skiing after the accident that forced the amputation of his foot/lower leg, he set out to do 1 run, but felt so good that he wound up doing 8. The 17-year-old from Barrhaven exceeded expectations again in his first real para-alpine skiing competition when he won a Canada Games silver medal yesterday.

Congratulations, James, a John McCrae Student, on your well-earned victory! That is an incredible journey that demonstrates remarkable determination! Continue the great work!

Mackenzie Clarke

Wow, what a win! Congratulations to Team Ontario for advancing to the medal round in ice hockey at the Canada Winter Games! A special shoutout to #Barrhaven native and Nepean Wildcat, Mackenzie Clarke for representing our community well! Good luck in the chase for gold, Barrhaven's rooting for you!

If the last name sounds familiar, it is! Mackenzie and Brandt Clarke are siblings, the latter won the gold medal with Team Canada at the Hockey World Juniors. What a talented family! Both Clarkes are destined for greatness!

Earlier in the Canada Winter Games, Ottawa Sports Pages / / CAMPS Project released a feature article on Mackenzie Clarke, which you can find here.


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