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April Ice Storm 2023

Compiled by the Ward 3 Team from various sources

(Image from Global News)

Update - June 2nd

We have now entered the ninth week of recovery efforts following the April 5 ice storm event. While our forestry crews continue working on storm-related service requests, this will be the final week of curbside debris removal. We expect to complete our single pass in the coming days. As you will see below, we have added more wards to the complete list this week, and none are below 90% completion.

On-street chipping and debris collection    


As of this morning, our crews have cleared 12,840 lane km of debris across the city, or 98% of our roads.


Here are our current completion numbers by ward:  

  • Orléans South-Navan – 99% complete

  • Orléans East-Cumberland – 99% complete

  • West Carleton-March – 98% complete

  • Barrhaven East – 98% complete

  • Rideau-Jock – 98% complete

  • Orléans West-Innes -- 97% complete

  • Barrhaven West – 97% complete

  • Gloucester-Southgate – 96% complete

  • River – 92% complete




  • Alta Vista   

  • Kitchissippi  

  • Bay  

  • Rideau-Vanier  

  • Somerset  

  • Riverside South-Findlay Creek  

  • Capital  

  • Osgoode

  • Stittsville

  • Kanata South

  • Rideau-Rockcliffe

  • Kanata North

  • Beacon Hill-Cyrville

  • Knoxdale-Merivale

  • College


After the single pass is complete, it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that any new tree debris is packaged in accordance with the Leaf and Yard Waste Program (small bundles no greater than 4 feet in length), otherwise large tree debris will need to be managed by residents as was the practice prior to the April 5th storm.   

At this stage, the majority of our cleanup operations will consist of visiting spots we may have missed the first time around. I must be clear this is not an opportunity to put out fresh non-storm-related debris. Rather, it’s our effort to make sure our single pass is as complete as possible before we end our operations. We also have some piles of storm debris on busier roads. Removal will require traffic control. That is scheduled for today.


Free Woodchips (One site only)


We are also nearing the end of our free woodchip initiative. Our one remaining location, at the Navan Memorial Centre, will remain open to the public until the end of next week or while quantities last.

Forestry calls

As I mentioned above, the end of our curbside cleanup operations does not mean the end of our overall work. Forestry continues to address service requests related to the storm.

We are aware that 105 stumps have been identified as requiring removal from the April storm, and that number will rise as our crews address the remaining service requests. As we are still focused on stumps from last year’s derecho (490 remain), stumps from April will be scheduled for the second round of stumping later this year. Subject to availability of resources, that work could extend into 2024. We have two contracted crews working on stumps right now. One is dealing with uprooted stumps, the other with street-side stumps. We have a stumping crew in both of our yards that will soon join in on this work.


Things to Note    


  • I have been writing weekly about our chipping operations and now you can get up close and personal with a bucket truck with a chipper at the Public Works Big Wheels Expo. It will be among the Public Works trucks on display this Sunday from 11 to 4 at the Ottawa Stadium on Coventry Road. Vehicles from all our service areas will be on display and our partners at Infrastructure and Water Services Department will also be participating. The first 100 visitors will be offered free tickets to Sunday’s Ottawa Titans baseball game at 1pm.

  • You can support our efforts by making use of the City’s Leaf and Yard Waste Program. Branches are to be tied in bundles of less than 1.2 m (4 ft.) in length and 60 cm (2 ft.) in width. Individual branches should be less than 10 cm (4 in.) in diameter. Dedicated leaf and yard waste collection began on May 15.


  • The City is continuing its commitment to re-establishing the lost tree canopy by re-planting lost City trees. Residents who would like a tree replacement on the City’s right of way are encouraged to request it through the Trees in Trust program. Please note that we have now reached the capacity of Trees in Trust requests for fall of 2023. Requests received after June 5 will be processed for the Spring 2024 planting season. Staff will continue to assess the loss of trees in City-owned parks before planning for their replacement.


Look Ahead     


I thank you, one final time, for your support through what has been an extensive operation for our staff. It is greatly appreciated.

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