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Ottawa police get $50 million to boost security around Parliamentary Precinct

From Josh Pringle | CTV News

Full article here.

Budget 2024: The Ottawa Police Service will receive $50 million in new federal funding over the next five years to 'enhance security' around the Parliamentary Precinct.

The Ottawa Police Service had been calling for a "more reflective multi-year funding model" from the federal government to police events and demonstrations in the capital, saying the deal must "better reflect the demands of the OPS due to Ottawa being the nation's capital."

Federal officials say the Ottawa Police Service will be able to determine how to use the federal funding to bolster its presence in the Parliamentary Precinct.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Ottawa Police Service says it welcomes the $50 million in federal funding.

"We had been in discussion with the Federal government to secure funding associated with the unique costs of policing in the Nation’s capital such as demonstrations," police said.

"In the coming weeks, we will be finalizing the plans for this funding and will discuss it with the Ottawa Police Service Board. The funding will be used to ensure costs associated with federal related events, such as demonstrations, are not borne by municipal taxpayers. It will also help us ensure a policing model that ensures resources dedicated to suburban and rural areas can remain in the areas they are hired for rather than be pulled away to federal-related policing efforts."

Full article here.


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