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Over 700 vehicles stolen this year; Barrhaven no longer the "hot spot"

Updated: Jun 3

Abyssinia Abebe | Ottawa Sun

Theresa Kavanagh was recently out in her ward handing out signs to residents in hopes that it might curb a growing auto theft problem. The message on the signage was: “All valuables removed.”


More than 700 vehicles have been reported stolen across the city this year, according to the Ottawa Police Service’s interactive crime map.

Gloucester-Southgate Ward leads the list for vehicle theft so far in 2024 with 64 reports.

“At the end of the day, cases being identified by organized crimes are extremely lucrative and we need to actively get ourselves organized to address this,” said David Hill, the Ward 3 councillor for Barrhaven West.

Last year, Barrhaven was the “hot spot”, with more than 180 reported vehicle thefts. This year, however, Barrhaven has seen a significant decrease, with only 38 theft reports in the Barrhaven West ward and 18 in Barrhaven East.

Hill attributes Barrhaven’s reduced theft rates to increased collaboration with government stakeholders and the private sector, as well as increasing police presence.

“I spoke to a number of concerned residents about neighbourhood watch, so I think there’s more vigilance and awareness in the community,” he said.

Despite the decrease in theft rates in his ward, Hill insists that auto theft remains a community problem that needs addressing at multiple government levels.

”This is a cross-jurisdictional issue, and part of the problem is that one level of government can’t solve this issue alone,” Hill said, calling for investments in proper scanning technologies at the Port of Montreal to ensure cargo legality and prevent the shipping of stolen goods overseas.

Hill also advocates for technological solutions at the manufacturer and insurance levels, such as air tags and auto shut-off technology.

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