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Riding OC Transpo just got easier with Interac® Debit

Riding OC Transpo just got easier with Interac® Debit

You can now tap your Interac® Debit card on any fare gate or bus to ride transit. The introduction of Interac Debit to the existing O-Payment options makes it even easier to take OC Transpo.

You can ride as much as you want all day. With daily and monthly fare capping, you will never be charged more than the price of a DayPass ($11.75) or monthly pass ($128.75). Once you hit the cap, you ride for free! 

Interac Debit on O-Payment will charge an Adult fare ($3.80). If you qualify for a discounted fare, consider using one of the many other fare payment options available to you.

When paying with your debit card, remember to tap your card or mobile wallet on your smartphone and not your physical wallet to avoid accidental charges on other cards.

Interac Debit is just one of the many ways available to pay your fare. You can also use your credit card, Presto card, DayPass or cash. O-Payment is not accepted on Societé de Transport de l’Outaouais (STO). If you transfer to STO, Presto is still your best option.  

You can learn more about O-Payment at You can also log into your O-Payment account to check your trip history or download a receipt.


“Millions of people use Interac Debit cards every day. Some people may not have a credit card, and casual riders may not have a Presto card. Adding Interac Debit provides our residents with a convenient choice for everyday purchases like riding OC Transpo.”

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe

“Riding transit should be an easy choice. Adding the ability to pay your fare with an Interac Debit card just made that choice easier. Its addition to existing O-Payment options is one of OC Transpo’s Five-Year Roadmap commitments to improve the rider experience by offering convenient and flexible fare options.”

Councillor Glen Gower, Chair of the Transit Commission

“When transit authorities add Interac Debit to their networks, they are offering riders a payment option that almost 30 million Canadians already use for day-to-day purchases. As a contactless payment option, Interac Debit provides a convenient way to pay fares without having to purchase a separate transit card. Paying for transit should be as easy as buying a cup of coffee. Today’s announcement helps to make that a reality.”

Glenn Wolff Chief Client Officer, Interac Corp.

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