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Road Safety Action Plan Communications for June: Motorcyclists’ Safety

From the City of Ottawa

In recent weeks many motorcyclists are back out on the roads, both in urban and rural areas. While this can be an enjoyable way for some to get out and enjoy our city, riders and drivers alike have an important role in avoiding fatal and major injury collisions.

  • Despite representing about 3% of registered vehicles in Canada, motorcyclists accounted for 15% of all fatalities on Ottawa roads between 2016 and 2020.

  • Several motorcyclists from our communities have shared some of their tips and experiences in staying safe while out riding. Learn more about them in this feature story: How to spot an invisible motorcycle

  • Here are a few driving tips that protect motorcyclists and drivers alike:

  • Check your blind spot before changing lanes or merging; due to the small size of motorcycles they are even more hidden in blind spots than cars

  • Never tailgate a motorcycle – not only does this risk hitting the motorcycle if it slows down but it also hides the motorcycle from the view of other vehicles; give yourself sufficient stopping distance according to your speed

  • When making a left turn, give extra space for approaching motorcycles, as they may be closer than you think

  • Motorcyclists are also encouraged to ride defensively:

  • Move out of a driver’s blind spot

  • Be on the lookout for vehicles turning left when you are proceeding straight through an intersection

  • Ride within the speed limit

  • Treat other road users – cars, bikes, pedestrians, etc. – with the caution and respect you expect from them

  • To learn more about the City’s Road Safety Action Plan, and the many initiatives getting underway this year to increase road safety for all road users, please visit Road Safety Action Plan | City of Ottawa


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