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Spring Operations - 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

Compiled by the Ward 3 Team from various City of Ottawa sources


Pothole Repirs Update (May 9)

Our pothole crews have continued their work on temporary repairs, and since April 14, 134 crews have been assigned and filled over 30,000 potholes! This brings our year-to-date total – January 1 to May 4 – to more than 106,400 potholes filled. The number of potholes filled between January 1 and May 4, 2023 (106,400) is 20% above the 3-year average (88,356) for this period.

Python Pothole Patcher

Work has wrapped up in both the East and West Suburban areas, but the Python Pothole Patchers still have work to do in the urban and rural areas. Residents should be on the lookout for these cool machines! If you see them while travelling, please, do not pass them. They may be filling a pothole, but remember that it will only take a few minutes!

Check out this video of the Python Pothole Patcher in action!

Coming Soon - Hot Mix Asphalt!

Now that warmer temperatures are on the horizon, crews will be transitioning to hot mix asphalt. Through the month of May as our suppliers of hot asphalt come online, this will become the primary material for pothole patching. This is the material of choice because it can be compacted manually or by machine, can be applied with asphalt adhesive to create a better bond to the road and results in a longer lasting repair. Hot mix is used for most, if not all, asphalt repairs including potholes, skin patches and ironwork base repairs.

Crews will continue with pothole repair work through the summer! While our pothole repairs are not permanent, the work we do in warmer, dryer conditions is often longer lasting.

Residents can report a pothole on the road, by visiting

Thank you for your continued support of our operations.

Pothole Repairs Update (April 17)


Spring Flooding Update (May 26)

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is pleased to inform you that flood conditions are such that the City can lower its posture and return to Monitoring Operations.

Effective Monday, May 29, the EOC will be de-mobilizing and all remaining flood recovery activities will be managed under the Public Works Department’s Spring Freshet Task Force.

Over the past several days, the EOC has overseen the following:

  • Pamphlet distribution and safety visits to approximately 300 homes by the Ottawa Fire Services. The pamphlets contained information on key contacts and websites related to flood recovery, as well as information specific to health and safety.

  • Curbside collection of used sandbags (and other flood-related debris) in impacted areas. Please note that, while residents have done an excellent job already at bringing their used sandbags to the curb, the Public Works Department will continue to provide flood-related debris removal service for the next couple of weeks. To date, 80 tonnes worth of used sandbags have been collected.

  • Regular updates to the City’s Spring Flooding website ( and Facebook page.

  • The de-commissioning of 28 of the 29 City sites that had been set up with sand and empty sandbags for residents to access/fill.

The Public Works Department will continue to liaise with community organizations, implicated Councillors, and other stakeholders for the remainder of the flood season. Any residual community supports will be overseen by the Office of Emergency Management, who will fulfil a liaison function within the Public Works Department’s Spring Freshet Task Force.

Information updates will be primarily provided through the City’s Spring Flooding webpage, going forward.

The EOC would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their assistance, support, and input this flood season. The Emergency and Protective Services Department (EPS) and the Public Works Department will conduct a post-event de-brief with the view to capturing lessons observed for future situations. EPS will also continue to liaise with the Province to pursue seasonal spring flooding mitigation strategies.

As part of the EOC’s demobilization, the Council Liaison mailbox will no longer be monitored. Starting May 29, please direct any queries to:

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