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Summer Operations - 2023

From the City of Ottawa, Roads and Parking Services Team

Introduction to Summer Operations (June 6)

May has now come to a close and we wanted to take a moment to share with you an update about our Citywide Street Sweeping Operations. Work began in April, once the spring thaw uncovered the mess that winter left behind on our transportation network. And so in an effort to cleanup the network, teams quickly began street sweeping operations, working diligently to meet the guidelines outlined in the Council-approved Maintenance Quality Standards (MQS).

While select neighbourhoods of the City experienced some street sweeping delays, now, with more than 2,500 kilometres of sidewalks and over 6,000 kilometres of roads swept, we are happy to announce that this spring season’s Street Sweeping Operations were completed on Friday, June 2nd. In the coming days, you may see sweepers performing touch ups in isolated neighbourhoods where parked cars or other obstructions prevented our team from completing sweeping work earlier on during the operations.

A special thank you goes out to the operators that worked tirelessly on cleaning up our sidewalks, roads, and winter cycling network as well as the members of Council, their staff and the residents of our City who supported us through these operations.

Operational Forecast: Summer Edition

One door closes, and another opens. With spring street sweeping in our rear-view and with summer just around the corner, Roads and Parking Services is now focusing its operations towards summer activities. Just to name a few, this summer you may see us out in your community working on:

  • Maintaining our gravel roads

  • Cutting roadside grass in rural areas where there are ditches, and no curbs (along with our partners in Parks Services who are working in other urban and suburban neighbourhoods)

  • Cleaning rural ditches

  • Surveying sidewalks to identify deficiencies before they can be scheduled for repairs

  • Performing sidewalk and asphalt repairs

  • Repairing pieces of our ironworks

  • Filling potholes

  • Maintaining City-owned culverts (those that run underneath City roads)

  • Maintaining more than 2,500 bike parking facilities on the public right-of-way

  • Getting ready for winter (yes, you read that right but we’ll come back to this later this year!)

  • And the list goes on.

We are about more than winter operations! While our summer team may be smaller than what you see over the winter months, it’s still mighty and you can be sure that we will continue working on keeping the transportation network safe. You too, can help by reporting concerns by visiting Your request will be assessed before work is scheduled and performed in accordance with the Maintenance Quality Standards.

2023 Wild Parsnip Strategy (May 25)


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