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Traffic Calming Meeting Recap

From Ward 3

David Hill (red) at a desk accompanied by Constable Adam Collins (our community police liaison - right) and Scott Muir (Traffic Assessment Specialist - left) listening to a resident's concern.

Thank you to all that attended - both in person and virtually - the Barrhaven West traffic calming public engagement last night. Over the course of the night we were up to about 40 folks! Your feedback will support planning for the 2023 implementation plan for traffic calming measures. Some of the key discussion points:

Speeding concerns & mitigations on Fallowfield, River Run (and others);

  • How the city determines community safety zones;

  • Automated speed enforcement policies and programming;

  • Stop sign non-compliance (Wessex & Exeter, Jockvale & Weybridge, Blackleaf & Longfields, and others)...

  • Posted Speeds on Greenbank (Will send a separate post on this next week)

I will continue to provide feedback on planned traffic calming implementation measures as the programme advances. If you are passionate about this topic (and other community safety/engagement issues) and have a few hours available per month to spare, I would recommend you consider joining your local community association to stay apprised and enable the community voice to be heard.

Thank you to Ottawa Police Service - Service de police d'Ottawa and Constable Adam Collins (our community police liaison), Scott Muir (Traffic Assessment Specialist), and my amazing ward office team for enhancing this constructive discussion with your expertise and professionalism!


File A Traffic Complaint

One of the points our community liaison officer, Constable Adam Collins, emphasized was that traffic incidents/concerns should be reported to the Ottawa Police (link below). This allows our police service to better track and respond, if necessary, to complaints and concerns, as opposed to email.

File a traffic complaint here.


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