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Waste Diversion Education Campaign

Updated: Jun 13

A Ward 3 Initiative

As you know, there has been a great deal of discussion about garbage and recycling over the last few months.  It has become very apparent that the need to divert waste streams is very important as the functional life of our current city landfill is presently about 13 years under the current system.  The city is looking at all options but there is one that is easy, cheap and very effective – community outreach on how to use the green bin system!


This is why this summer our team will be visiting neighborhoods in Barrhaven west to help promote the use of green bins and to educate people on how they can be used.  For example – many people did not know that kitty litter and plastic bags with dog poop can go directly in the green bin!  Little things like this will make a huge difference.  When the blue bin was first introduced 15 years ago there was a similar public awareness campaign which translated to a very high compliance rate for cans and containers. 


Lets get involved!  If you can spare one day this summer or 20, it all helps!  Please register below and we will be in touch so that we can start a campaign that will help keep our community cleaner and greener! 

Sign up here!


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