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Wildlife Speaker Series – May 2

From the City of Ottawa and OPH

Spring is in the air and Ottawa’s natural areas and other greenspaces are beckoning. Once the trails have thawed and dried out, residents are encouraged to get outdoors! Be on the lookout for spring wildflowers, migrating birds, and biting flies and ticks. While it’s a common joke that Canada has two seasons, winter and “bug season,” black-legged ticks may be active at any time of year, depending on the temperature. The City and Ottawa Public Health want to ensure that residents know how to protect themselves from ticks, which can carry illnesses such as Lyme disease. We invite you to join us for a presentation by local experts from the University of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health, to learn more about ticks, Lyme disease prevention, and ongoing research in our area.

The Wildlife Speaker Series web page also provides background information on the series in general, and on past events. Links to the City’s YouTube channel are provided with the information for each of the previous online events, which were recorded and remain available for residents to view (Happy Trails, Wild Wild Waste, Windows of Opportunity, Discovering Nature, and Living with Coyotes).

Residents may also be interested in the ongoing public consultation on the City’s Wildlife Strategy, via Engage Ottawa: Wildlife Strategy Review | Engage Ottawa.


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