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Woodroffe Avenue Watermain Project

From the City of Ottawa

Part 4 - Reinstatement works for Woodroffe near Norice st

First stage of lane closures for reinstatement works (starting May 7th)

The final reinstatement works on Woodroffe north of Norice are planned to commence next week. The reinstatement of the final paving and pavement marking is scheduled to start at 6am on Tues May 7th and be completed same-day prior to the PM traffic peak. To facilitate the paving and pavement marking, a lane reduction is required on southbound Woodroffe Ave from approximately 150m north of Norice to 50m south of Norice. Cyclists will be detoured to the MUP on the west side of Woodroffe. Paid duty police will direct traffic at Woodroffe and Norice. Below is a markup showing the Woodroffe southbound lane closures at Norice:

This traffic impact will be posted on the Traffic Impacts Public Service Announcement page and a Traffic Services social media post will be also be issued.


At a later date there will also be landscaping reinstatement works on the west side of Woodroffe, north of Norice. The landscaping work is scheduled to be completed by the end of May. Information about the traffic impacts during the landscaping work (if any) will be communicated prior to the work.

Part 3 - Reinstatement works for Woodroffe near Slack rd

Second stage of lane closures for reinstatement works (after first stage)

The second stage will be the reinstatement of the final paving, pavement marking, and landscaping on southbound Woodroffe. This will involve reducing southbound Woodroffe to one lane from approximately 100m north of Slack to approximately 650m north of Grenfell Cres during off-peak hours. The Slack Road right left-turn lane onto southbound Woodroffe will be closed when the Woodroffe southbound lane closure is in place. Below are markups showing the lane closures associated with the southbound Woodroffe reinstatement work:

First stage of lane closures for reinstatement works (Starting April 29th)

Part 2 - Woodroffe near Norice st and David dr

Southbound lane reductions along Woodroffe Avenue for ongoing watermain repairs (February 29 to Spring 2024)

Part 2 Completed - Lanes Reopened

Part 1 - Woodroffe near Slack Rd

Part 1 Completed - Lane reopening (February 8, 2024)

Project Begins (January 24, 2024)

Water Pressure Notice (January 24, 2024)

Preparation Work (January 15, 2024)

Preparation Work (November - December 2023)


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