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Barrhaven Civic Centre

From the Ward 3 Office

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What is the Civic Centre?

Per the Barrhaven Downtown Secondary Plan:

A new Civic Complex is envisioned at the centre of the community to accommodate the development of a multi-purpose civic facility that will serve the broader Barrhaven community (noted on Schedule A - Designation Plan). The facility is envisioned adjacent to the Barrhaven Centre station and the complementing public plaza.

The development of the Civic Complex will be subject to funding being made available. The Civic Complex will develop as a civic and cultural hub that fosters social interaction and community engagement and will feature of a mix of uses including a civic building and/or mixed-use buildings. The Civic Complex is intended to be urban in form with buildings generally fronting onto Chapman Mills Drive.

Where will the Civic Centre be located in relation to the "Barrhaven Downtown?

How will the civic centre be accessible?

The civic centre will aim to be as connected with Barrhaven as possible through the promotion of multi-use pathways, future transit connections (bus rapid transit and possibly the O-Train in the future), and a cycling network.

What will the civic centre include?

- A replacement for our current library branch, Ruth E. Dickinson

- An outdoor plaza

- A space for community and seniors

Councillor's Engagements and Comments

Fall 2023: A visit to Mel Lastman Square


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