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Barrhaven-West Tornado Information

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Compiled by the Ward 3 team

Update from Councillor Hill on CTV Morning

Third Update From Councillor Hill [July 17, 11am]

Second Update From Councillor Hill [July 14, 4pm]

First Update From Councillor Hill [July 13, 4:45pm]

City Updates

Update 3 [July 14, 8pm]

Update 2 [July 14 4:18pm]

Update 1 [July 13, 7:41pm]


Tree Removal

For private trees the resident will be required to apply for the permit, then, once approved, the resident will be responsible for removal at their own cost. In most cases the arborist will submit the application on behalf of the resident and include that cost in whatever other charges there are. Details

Debris clean up

The City’s Public Works staff have been working to make roads, parks and right of ways safe again. All known hazards have already been addressed, however the City asks that residents report any tree, road or parks related hazards to 3-1-1 for follow-up.

City response teams will be available throughout the weekend and will begin curbside removal of tree and yard debris next week. Please ensure that any storm-related waste is kept separate when placing tree and yard debris at the curb for pickup.

You can find more information on debris management on, with more updates to come next week.

Mental Health Resources

Do You Need to Talk Infographic
Download PDF • 979KB
MHASUH_Support_FactSheet _Families_Aug2022_EN
Download PDF • 718KB



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