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City of Ottawa Winter Operations - Overview

Updated: 4 days ago

As a reminder to everyone, the City of Ottawa has standards that they follow during winter storm:

Snow Removal Priorities at Accumulation:

1. Transitway, Major Roads and Arterials including roads with bus routes

2. Sidewalks

3. Secondary Roads and Minor Collectors – 5 cm accumulation

4. Priority Sidewalks

Priorities after the last snowflake falls:

1. Major Roads, Arterials and Collectors – within 2-4 hours (high-use, emergency and transit routes first)

2. Minor Collectors – within 6 hours – 5cm+ accumulation

3. Residential Sidewalks - within 12-16 hours - 5cm+ accumulation

4. Residential Roads and Lanes – within 10 to 16 hours - 7cm+ accumulation

Check out this presentation on all aspects of the City of Ottawa's winter operations!

2023 Snow Removal Presentation
Download PDF • 3.60MB

General Notices

Snow Windrows

A snow windrow is a pile of snow that accumulates at the end of driveways and on the sides of streets during plowing. It is the responsibility of the home owner to remove their own driveway windrows. Learn more about property snow removal here.

Stay in the know about the snow!

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Parking During Winter Parking Bans

During winter parking bans, the City of Ottawa has opened up several park and ride locations, including Nepean Woods. More details can be found here.

Snow Removal

The City of Ottawa's Roads and Parking Services Team has started snow removal operations across the city. This involves either casting (to City property) or hauling snow to reduce the size of snowbanks. Temporary no parking signs mean that a team will be by in the near future.


For the latest updates on the City's winter operations, visit: Snow plowing and clearing | City of Ottawa or follow our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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