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Cobble Hill Splash Pad Update

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Update: NOW OPEN!

Hours are 8am to 9pm!

Many residents have contacted my office regarding the splash pad at Cobble Hill part and have asked why is the splash pad not working yet?

The splash pad has not been "turned over" to the City yet. Therefore it is the responsibility of the developer (Phoenix) to get the splash pad working. The splash pad was damaged over the weekend and required substantial repairs. I am told that these repairs are now complete but we are now waiting for Hydro Ottawa to come and connect the splash pad to the grid. As it is construction season and Hydro is very busy, this location is slotted in for connection in the coming weeks. The timeframe is currently 4-8 weeks.

Knowing this, I had a call with the leadership of Hydro Ottawa explaining that during hot weather, splash pads such as this one are important source of cooling and enjoyment for much of the local area. Hydro has promised to push up the connection as much as possible, understanding that if we get priority treatment, this means that someone else (or a splash pad somewhere else in the City) loses their installation spot.

So the short answer is that the splash pad was delayed by damage. This damage was fixed by the developer and we are waiting for Hydro to complete the connection. Hydro is aware that its important to the community and will do their best to bring the installation forward.

We are lucky to have some other great parks and splashpads available throughout Barrhaven West and I will continue to work with Ottawa Hydro to ensure this project is completed as soon as possible!


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