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OC Transpo Bus Route Review: Expanded Service to Half Moon Bay, More Frequent Local Routes

Updated: 5 days ago

From OC Transpo, the City of Ottawa. Compiled by the Ward 3 Team

English Report - OC Transpo Bus Route Review (November 9, 2023)
Download PDF • 224KB

The bussing system in Barrhaven is about to undergo a major change in 2024. This will be linked to the operationalization of the Line 2 LRT to Limebank (Riverside South). See above for the report, and the visual graphic that depicts the new routing system.

The main system change is that the local routes will now operate at a more regular frequency within Barrhaven (beneficial for intra-Barrhaven movements and transitioning along Strandherd from Amazon to Limebank). However, commuters will now need to transfer at Fallowfield. In many cases this will add a transfer to most downtown commutes, however, there will be more frequent local routes so the total commute times should allow for more flexibility. This is also why I am advocating for more express buses from Fallowfield to Tunney’s to reduce overall travel times.

There is no doubt in my mind that with changes as major as this we will have some start up issues – in order to mitigate this I have asked transit planners to join Councillor Lo and myself for a Bus Route Review special virtual meeting on November 27h at 6:30pm. You can register here to participate.

How the routes will integrate with LRT Stage 2

Added Routes (affecting Barrhaven)

Routes that will be removed (affecting Barrhaven)

Routes that will be improved (affecting Barrhaven)

What's Next?

There will be a virtual public consultation event with councillors and OC Transpo staff, with a resident Q&A session -->

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