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OC Transpo New Ways to Bus: Expanded Service to Half Moon Bay, More Frequent Local Routes

From OC Transpo, the City of Ottawa. Compiled by the Ward 3 Team.

New Ways to Bus (the modified routes) will begin when O-Train Line 2 is operational, which is TBD (hopeful for Fall 2024). We will let you know when they take effect.

Councillor's Comments

Maps of Individual Routes (in Barrhaven)


❶ = O-Train Line 1 (Tunney's Pasture <—> Blair)

❷ = O-Train Line 2 (Limebank <—> Bayview)

Click the arrow to expand/collapse information

Route 70 Fallowfield <—> Limebank❷  via Larkin, Citigate, Tartan, Marketplace

Route 73 Fallowfield <—> Limebank❷ via Leikin

Route 74 Limebank❷ <—> Tunney’s Pasture❶ via Nepean Woods

Route 75 Half Moon Bay <—> Tunney’s Pasture❶

Route 80 Barrhaven Centre <—> Tunney’s Pasture❶

Route 99 Barrhaven Centre <—> Limebank❷ 

Route 110 Kanata North <—> Limebank❷ via Citigate, Marketplace

Route 173 Citigate <—> Barrhaven Centre via Weybridge, Sherway, Foxfield

Route 275 Half Moon Bay <—> Tunney’s Pasture❶

Route 277 Nepean Woods <—> Tunney’s Pasture❶ via Beatrice

Route 279 Manotick <—> Tunney’s Pasture❶ via Longfields, Transitway

Route 283 Munster Hamlet & Richmond <—> Limebank❷ via Strandherd

The following routes will be removed & replaced by nearby service

Long-term changes

Citywide bus & transit network

Update (July 10, 2024) - Route Schedules Released

New Ways to Bus


What's the difference between the routes?

OC Transpo will be modifying its route colouring, to streamline and simplify.

Service types:


  • Service to a stop will be every 15 minutes or less, 6am to 6pm on weekdays

  • 7 days a week along main roads


  • Service custom to local area

  • Serving neighborhood destinations

  • Will connect with Frequent routes and the O-Train network for extended travel


  • Provides quick, convenient connections to O-Train

  • Runs weekday mornings and afternoons, during rush-hours.

Visit here for more information on how to plan your trip, along with more good information for riding OC Transpo.


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