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OC Transpo Bus Route Review: Expanded Service to Half Moon Bay, More Frequent Local Routes

Updated: Mar 21

From OC Transpo, the City of Ottawa. Compiled by the Ward 3 Team.

Also, thank you to Councillor Lo for providing these maps!

Barrhaven-West Individual Route Maps

Bus Route Review for Barrhaven
Download PDF • 3.64MB

The bussing system in Barrhaven is about to undergo a major change in 2024. This will be linked to the operationalization of the Line 2 LRT to Limebank (Riverside South), which the opening date is now TBD.

 The main system change is that the local routes will now operate at a more regular frequency within Barrhaven (beneficial for intra-Barrhaven movements and transitioning along Strandherd from Amazon to Limebank). However, commuters will now need to transfer at Fallowfield. In many cases this will add a transfer to most downtown commutes, however, there will be more frequent local routes so the total commute times should allow for more flexibility.

Document Resources

Barrhaven-West individual route maps (City made)

Ward 3 Route Review - Finalized
Download PDF • 2.11MB

Citywide maps (including Barrhaven-East's 80, 277, and more)

Network Realignment 2024_Route Maps_Dec 22_1600 (1)
Download PDF • 26.25MB

Report presented to council

English Report - OC Transpo Bus Route Review (November 9, 2023)
Download PDF • 224KB

How the routes will integrate with LRT Stage 2

Added Routes (affecting Barrhaven)

Routes that will be removed (affecting Barrhaven)

Routes that will be improved (affecting Barrhaven)

What's Next?

Once LRT Line 2 (Limebank to Bayview) is operational, which is projected for spring of 2024, these route changes will come into effect.


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