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Ottawa police launch new strategy to address speeding and traffic concerns in neighbourhoods

From CTV | Josh Pringle and Taula Mazloum

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The Ottawa Police Service rolls out a new traffic enforcement strategy on Monday, with frontline officers increasing their focus on speeding, impaired driving and the traffic concerns raised by residents in neighbourhoods across the city.

The new 'frontline traffic enforcement' strategy is part of the 'community policing strategy and district deployment model' pilot project that Ottawa police will conduct over the next 18 months, which is designed to identify and respond to unique issues in each area of the city.  Police say the primary focus of the district model is to "serve each community better," with the city divided into four districts.

As part of the new strategy, frontline officers will conduct 18 traffic enforcement initiatives every three months, focusing on speeding, stunt driving, impaired driving and "residential-area intersection compliance."

"Traffic-related issues vary from one community to the next; with that in mind, we’re adjusting the way we do business by focusing on issues that adversely impact residents’ quality of life and aligning our resource deployments to address those issues," Sgt. Craig Roberts, Ottawa Police Service District Traffic Manager, said in a statement.

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