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Police operation at Montreal port leads to recovery of nearly 600 stolen vehicles

Vehicles stolen from southern Ontario recovered in shipping containers in Montreal

A police operation at the Port of Montreal has led to the recovery of 598 stolen vehicles since December, many of them stolen from southern Ontario and slated for sale overseas.

The operation, dubbed Project Vector, involved more than a dozen police forces from across Ontario and Quebec. 

"Project Vector disrupted criminal networks that profit from the Canadian export market to sell stolen vehicles," Marty Kearns, the deputy commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said at a news conference in Montreal. 

Police hailed the project as an important step in their fight against organized criminal networks that they say are behind a recent surge in car thefts in Eastern Canada

As part of the project, police inspected hundreds of shipping containers in the Port of Montreal. They recovered stolen vehicles, most of them taken from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


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