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Roundabouts are newer traffic control measures that have proven to be effective at keeping traffic flowing.

In Barrhaven, we have several roundabouts with more on the way tto provide much-needed traffic relief.

How to use a roundabout effectively (as a driver)

⬇ Reduce your speed when approaching a roundabout (maintain the slow speed until you have exited the roundabout)

🚸 Watch for pedestrians and cyclists and be prepared to stop if necessary.

🚗Vehicles in the roundabout have the right of way.

2️⃣ For two-lane roundabouts, exits must be made from the proper lane (look at appropriate sinage at the roundabout). Changing lanes within the roundabout is not permitted.

  • Turning left: enter through the leftmost lane

  • Turning right: enter through rightmost lane

  • Going straight: look at the signage, it will indicate whether one or both lanes can be entered to go straight

  • Once you're in the roundabout, follow the pavement markings to guide you to your desired exit.

➡Use your right signal when exiting. This helps traffic flow and promotes safe driving.

Check out this cool guide by the City of Ottawa!

How to use a roundabout
Download • 462KB

How to navigate a roundabout as a pedestrian

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