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Sewer Cleaning Activities in Ward 3

From the City of Ottawa

The following Ward 3 streets (mostly Old Barrhaven) will be undergoing routine sewer cleaning activities. For more information on sewer cleaning activities, visit this site.

  • "During the cleaning process, the use of high pressure water creates air pockets inside the sewer pipe that generally escape with no impact to a property’s internal plumbing."

  • The City describes the possibility as "unlikely."

  • The City recommends keeping toilet lids closed during sewer cleaning as a precautionary measure.

Street in Ward 3

Adele Cres

Alberni St

Amherst Cres

Andora Ave

Antler Ave

Atoll St

Avery Cres

Bartley Cres

Benlark Rd

Birkett St

Broxburn Cres

Chester Cres

Danaher Dr

Deevy St


Exeter Dr

Gamma Crt

Glacier St

Halley St

Harthill Way

Haydon Circ

Houlahan St

Kenton Ave

Kippen Pl

Madrid Ave

Pepperrall Cres

Rueter St

Soho Cres

Starling Cres

Strandherd Dr

Tartan Dr

Townsend Dr

Tulane Cres

Waterlilly Way

Wessex Rd

Willowview Way


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