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Wazoson Public School - Parking Changes

Updated: Feb 10

There will be new parking restrictions coming to the area surrounding Wazonson Public School during school hours.

'No Stopping & No Parking' signs will be installed along:

  • Kilbirnie : from Robin Easey Ave. to Belleek Ln.

  • River Mist : from Damselfly wy. to Clonfadda Terrace

'No Parking Signs' will be installed :

  • Along Alex Polowin ave. : from Rye Grass wy to Clonfadda Terrace

  • At intersection of Robin Easey wy & Kilbirnie dr.

  • At intersection of Ramsgrange st. & River Mist rd.

The school hours, for the purpose of the signs, are:

September to June

Monday to Friday

8am -- 9:30am, 3pm -- 4:30pm

Here is an area map to help with visualization.

Here is the City's attached mitigation plan:

Download PDF • 758KB


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