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A look inside the city’s landfill that is running out of space

From Leah Laroque, CTV News

The Trail Road Waste Facility is the city’s only municipally run landfill, but space there is filling up and it could reach its capacity is a little over a decade.

David Brown is the councillor for Rideau-Jock Ward, which includes the city’s dump on Trail Road, southwest of Barrhaven. He says, “It is one of the most important pieces of municipal infrastructure. The facility takes all of the residential waste in the city of Ottawa, so quite literally, Ottawa could not function without the Trail Road Waste facility.”

Brown says, “After you put your waste to your curbside, you tend to forget about it. But when you do that, it ends up out in rural Ottawa in Ward 21.”

According to the city’s website, about 40 trucks make more than 1,000 stops a day on the average garbage pickup. A truck can carry 10 tonnes of material, and once it is full, it makes its way to the dump.

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You can help slow down the filling process by signing up for our Waste Diversion Campaign!


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