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Ottawa Public Health Update - Fostering a positive relationship with food

Fostering a positive relationship with food is IN, following fad diets and food trends is OUT.  

January is a time when many of us feel pressured to make changes, especially to our health. It’s common to see a lot of information and advertising in the media about ways to lose weight, try a new fad diet, or cut out certain foods etc. It’s normal to feel the pressure and overwhelmed, but OPH Registered Dietitians are here to provide some tips for healthy eating habits and to remind you that it’s more than food, how you eat is important too. 


Start off the new year with some non-diet healthy eating habits:  


What better way to cook, share, and enjoy your food then to try recipes from Unlock FoodCanada’s Food Guide or Cookspiration. These include a variety of recipes that are quick, easy to make and will suit your nutritional needs.  


Check Ottawa Public Health’s X (twitter) and Facebook page for more tips on food and nutrition. You can also find a dietitian near you, or visit Canada’s Food Guide webpage to learn more about healthy eating habits.  


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