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Ruth E. Dickinson Branch - Read It First Book Club

From Ruth E. Dickinson

Cozy Fall sweater weather reads for snugglers as we Fall into Autumn and a few Not Too Spooky tales for little ghosts. ​

Also, join us Monday, October 30 (6pm) for our drop-In Halloween Storytime or sign up for Pumpkins & Fall Leaves: A Family Storytime on Tuesday, October 31 (10:30am) ​

A read it and review it club for readers 9-12 years of age at the Ruth E. Dickinson Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Here is what some of our readers have to say!​

Do you like boba? Have you ever heard of a monster that likes boba a lot? Well, Super Boba Café happens to be about one! ​

Super Boba Café is about a girl who’s name is Aria. There was an incident at her school, so instead of staying at her nainai’s house for a few weeks, she stays there for the whole summer! Aria is having fun helping and making new ideas to lure in more customers for her nainai. (The shop’s pet cat has 8 new babies!) She does get a little suspicious when her nainai does some secret business. Her nainai finally tells her about a monster that causes earthquakes and it will not stop unless you give it boba. Her nainai also tells her that when Aria’s father was a little kid a prairie dog named Hoshi told her all about it. So she kept making a huge supersized boba to make the monster happy. Aria helps out with the monster situation. Together they make many packets of medium sized boba. At the end the monster problem is solved Aria’s nainai finally gets vacation and Aria even makes a new friend!​

That is what the book is about. At first, I got a bit scared of what the monster would look like but after I saw it I wasn’t scared. I especially liked the prairie dogs in the book. Overall, I think that the book is really interesting and fun. I suggest that you read it!​

Ashley (Age 9)

"The October Witches" by Jennifer Claessen was a fun and exciting book to read. I loved the book and would read it again. My favorite thing about it would probably be all of the unexpected twists. I'd recommend this book for almost all ages, and it's perfect for the Halloween season!​

Daisy (Age 11)​


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