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Sidewalk Inspection Services - Pilot Project

From the City of Ottawa


Sidewalk assessments are a legislative requirement under the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways which states that sidewalk inspections of the road network must be completed each calendar year and not more than 16 months from the previous evaluation. Once the sidewalk inspections are complete, repairs are prioritized, scheduled and completed in compliance with the Council approved Maintenance Quality Standards and the Ontario Regulation 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways (MMS).

How will the pilot work?

By utilizing well-marked golf carts, Clean Crete Cutting Ltd. will drive the municipal sidewalk network to inspect and assess the condition of the sidewalk. Safety is of primary concern throughout the inspection phase and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

The golf cart is equipped with a data collection tablet and integrated GPS receiver, and each defect is noted with coordinates, applicable notes about the deficiency, including a date and time stamp, and photos as required. This technology provides an efficient and accurate approach to managing inspection points throughout the assessment. Once this data is collected and compiled, work orders will be created and city crews will be assigned to repair the identified hazards. Sidewalk assessments are normally undertaken on foot by the same crews who perform the repair. By using Clean Crete Cutting Ltd and this technology, it creates more time for our City staff to focus on completing repairs to the sidewalk network.

The sidewalk assessments are expected to begin Thursday, September 28th within your ward and should take approximately one week to complete (weather permitting). During this time, if you see these golf carts out and about, they are hard at work inspecting and identifying hazards.

Once they have completed their inspections and compiled a list, city crews will prioritize and repair the identified hazards.


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